BADA Fundraising by Princess

by Princess Louden




My name is Princess Louden and I describe myself as a determined individual who is prepared for any challenge that comes my way. The late great Chadwick Boseman attended BADA in 1998, and he inspires me to take chances and go as far as I can as an actress. I want to look back on my teenage years knowing that I gained a great experience from attending the summer BADA program. To be able to say I studied Shakespeare in England during my high school career is a privilege as well as an honor. During my sophomore year at Duke Ellington School for the Arts, I studied Shakespeare in my speech class not expecting to gain appreciation for the genius text like I do today. Shakespeare was ahead of his time and used many techniques in his writing for final performances. I learned how to read his text properly, scansion, new words, and to be patient with myself as I fumbled over words unique to Shakespeare’s plays. I took what I learned from speech class into the audition room for BADA, and I gave a performance that won me a spot within the prestigious program.

Your kind donation will allow me to experience additional training that will make me a well-rounded student before entering college. Thank you!

Greetings Ellington Community,  

We need your support. We are reaching out to everyone in the school community and beyond to support Ellington Theatre students - Ariel Russell, Angel Arii, and Princess Louden - who have already been accepted into the prestigious Midsummer Conservatory Program at the British American Drama Academy (BADA) in Oxford, England. This three-week summer program at the University of Oxford, immerses students in Acting, Voice and Movement classes along with Cultural Studies in Shakespeare’s time. Students develop their skills in the acting process, analysis, and critical thinking, which will also help to meet the challenges of applying for college or drama school. While this camp is invaluable, the trip, tuition, and accommodations are considerable, and we are asking the community to help support this life-changing experience. 

Please show your love and support one or all of these amazing artists. Together, we can make this happen! 


P.S. To support a specific student with your donation, choose Make this a Tribute Donation and add the student's name. To find out more about BADA, click here.

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